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Your Forex Experience - The Forex Trading Room

Foreign Currency

Forex Kick Starter Course

Beginner Forex Course ~ October in JHB

We are running our Forex Course for beginners in October for all beginners wanting to learn about Forex Trading for beginners. It's a 6-hour Forex course that will start in the morning at 9am and finish at 15h00.

It covers serious amount of serious Forex Education to kick start a beginner into the Forex Market.

This Forex course is outlined below in detail. We will be offering a course end of June beginning of July so watch this space for more details closer to the time.

This course is structured for beginners with no or little experience in the Forex market. It is preferred that beginners start here before going on the LIVE Trading room.

Currency Course Fee: R1950 pp for 6 hour workshop.

More Details:

The Forex Kick Starter includes:

  • Your Platform setup & Chart Setup for 5 Currency pairs
  • A "Walk Through" of the Actual Forex Trading Process 
  • How and What News to Trade Forex
  • Technical Analysis on Forex Trading
  • Understanding Forex Traing
  • Understanding the Forex Market
  • Forex Fundamentals
  • Opening a Forex Trading Account
  • Recommended Forex Trading Platforms and Why
  • Money management Intro
  • Forex Trading Psychology Intro
  • Technical Analysis Focus: 
    • Pivot points, Moving averages, MACD & TSAR
    • Candle sticks

Try our NEW Forex Experience - The Forex Fund Management service!

Currency Trading Room

Open for members!

Offering the Forex trader very short term returns for trading a geared position in the market. Put trading strategies in place to maximise returns. Discover FOREX Trading principles that help you succeed where so many fail!

A practical day-by-day trading room using Forex Trading software. A hands-on workshop using your PC / Laptop to gain currency trading experience to maximise FOREX Trading!! Book Forex Trading Room NOW!

Get your seat now or miss out!

Note: Only experienced traders having at least 2 years exposure to stock markets and futures should consider Forex or Currency trading. Consider our Equity Trading & Technical Analysis Workshops and trade the market for 12 months before looking at Forex.

However, we developed the Forex Trading Room especially for traders that want to learn how to trade Forex with a professional trader on a daily basis! Feel free to trade with a demo account to start. Once you understand the Forex trading strategy and developed confidence, open a real account either in micro or mini format which only require deposits of $25 or $300 respectively.
**We recommend more in order to correctly calculate your risk management.**

Forex Currency Trading Room


The day-to-day Forex trading room is followed by Friday afternoon follow up sessions designed to review the trading techniques and so forth that are presented during the week.

We will cover the following areas:

  • The structure of the Forex markets
  • An overview of the psychology of trading

The role of will power and imagination

  • How to pull the trigger
  • Exercises to diminish the role of the ego in trading
  • Set trading strategies that win
  • Expectancy and thinking in probabilities

The importance of money management

  • A simulation of the concept of trading clusters
  • Discipline is utmost in any form of trading including currency trading
  • Keep to the rules of your risk to reward management

4. A method to trade currencies in 2-3 hours time frame

  • All delegates will enjoy ‘simulated’ or real Currency Trading, under the watchful eye of our Mentor
  • A morning session from 7h30 until 10h00 GMT
  • An afternoon session from 15h00 until 17h30 GMT
  • Using Skype to interact with a group of currency traders in the Forex Trading Room - costs nothing!
  • A method to trade intraday using 5-minute chart data

6. Thinking like a Currency trader:


8. A Forex trading challenge

  • Daily feedback and reports on trading setups
  • Charts of actual currency trades sent to you by our professional trader
  • Notes on Forex Trading strategies on a daily basis
  • A daily Forex newsletter
  • Interactive Chatting on Skype interface
  • Custom Forex Charts and Templates provided
  • Monthly Forex Trading Room membership - you decide when you start and when you stop!
  • Trade with the Forex Trading pro and make your membership fee back & MORE!

9. Suggested reading

  • Forex Education is ongoing
  • Forex Trading Pro provides his Forex trading books to you at his store.
  • All of the Forex trading books our Forex Pro used to teach himself are now available to you!
  • Visit the online Forex bookshop now

A 20-second History on Forex
The Interbank spot currency market (Forex) has for a long time remained within the realms of banks and corporations.

This market has now been opened up to the private investor. The Internet has provided the medium for low cost transactions in the world’s largest workplace, with transactions of over 1 trillion dollars taking place every day. The currency market has no central exchange and trading takes place 24 hours per day following the Sun around the World from New Zealand to The West Coast of USA.

How can you take advantage - Right Now?

Forex Trading Mentors has identified several brokerage companies, which offer a real time trading platform including the ability to set up a trade account for as little as 300$. Traders can trade the four main currencies i.e. US Dollar/Yen, US Dollar/Euro, US Dollar/British Pound and US Dollar/Swiss Franc. Trades are confirmed within a few seconds and all open positions are monitored and updated in real time.

Currency trading in the Interbank market is not for the faint of heart, as leverage of 100:1 is typical. This means a margin of 1000 dollars controls 100 000 Dollars of Forex.

The currency trading platform maintains up to 7 PIP spread on all quotes where a PIP is the last decimal of the exchange rate. For currencies such as the Euro, it is the fourth decimal, and for the Yen, it is the second.

Each PIP is worth 10$ and on a 1 lot basis the trader should initially set a goal to make approximately 30 PIPs per day. This calculation is based on a Standard Account. On a 1 lot basis an income, if successful, of 5000$ per month (all offshore) is possible and then as the account grows the sky is the limit.

For smaller portfolios, a Mini Account is better to use. Each PIP is worth $1 and on a 1 lot basis the trader should also set a goal to make 30 PIPs a day. If successful, a monthly profit of $300 is regularly achievable.

The Trading Mentor's Forex Trading Room is a rigorous analysis of the dynamics of the market & very importantly the mindset of the trader. The trading course is divided into the 3 components required for success.

  • A Trading Plan:

The trading plan uses technical analysis from the Forex Trading Platform giving signals based on 5 min bars of candles. The plan details the time frame, trade entry and exit including rules to master the skills of when to take profits. Any of you who have traded shares or stocks will realise that this is quite an art form. That's why its essential for you to learn with a Forex Pro! The trading plan makes use of both trending and range bound trading techniques and has a hit rate of 72% in back testing over 2 years of data.

  • Money Management:

The amount to risk on any one currency trading decision is ultimately the difference between winning and losing overall. Exact money management rules are given and moulded into the size of YOUR Forex trading account.

We tell you what lot sizes and risk you should be taking before you decide to trade!

  • Trading Psychology:

After the above has been mastered 90% of the exercise is mental. One of the initial goals is to produce a positive winning attitude around an uncertain outcome. This is not what you think, and without this skill any trader will fail to produce consistent results.

Quite frequently a new trader who has been very successful in other business projects will beat themselves to death in the markets – why? To produce consistent results the trader needs to replace attitudes and beliefs, which may work well in business but not with the markets. I can positively state that if fundamental truths are not followed, the trader, no matter how good his analysis may be will fail.

Forex Trading Room provides you with a learning environment with actual profits!

“If you wish to produce an income based in a hard currency from the comfort of your home anywhere in this world and are prepared to roll up your sleeves for a few weeks of work on your system and yourself, then I can promise a very bright future for you and your family.“ Forex Pro.

We show you how to use a daily plan to trade FOREX ! You will learn how to trade FOREX. By implementing different strategies you can maximise your geared returns and improve short term growth. Take the profit earned in the Forex using the Trading Mentor's Strategies and reinvest it into your long term equity portfolio when the time is right to do so!

You need to decide whether you are going to be an average trader on the market or a disciplined well-oiled money making successful trader!

Wouldn't you enjoy making money from home by trading Forex?

Join Forex Trading Room now and get started right away!

Make money from home trading Forex

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