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Technical Analysis on stocks Seminar - NEXT WORKSHOP IN 2010 - Book Now!
Stock Market Trading Book

Technical Analysis Course

Offering the investor & trader entry and exit points, to time the trade in order to maximise returns. How to determine when to buy stocks and sell them doesn't have to be the Holy Grail.

You need the right technical analysis knowledge in order to make informed decisions at the appropriate time. An uptrending share can be traded using a late entry buy signal for example. Become familiar with MACD, moving averages, confirm buy signals with different technical indicators, chart patterns and candle patterns.

We combine a set of technical analysis indicators and explanations for investors and traders to help improve returns. The search for the best combination of technical indicators for your investment needs is something settled only once you have discovered the different features of the major indicators available.

We will teach you to differentiate between quick stock trading indicators and more convenient stock investing indicators. Once have these basics behind you we help you to determine the best stock market investment strategy to suit you.

Technical Analysis - determine patterns, trends & timing

  • This workshop focuses on Technial Analysis Indicators to assist your timing of shares in the market.
  • This will result in better returns on your investment, as you will be able to get in & out closer to the lows and highs in the share's moves.
  • You will be able to understand your technical indicators and charting software better.
  • You will be able to use different indicators for different investment strategies.
  • The difference between leading and lagging indicators will be covered.
  • This will enable you to structure your portfolio into short, medium and long-term shares and cut down on brokerage by not selling too soon and minimise your losses.

The following indicators will be covered:

  • Moving averages,
  • Cross-overs,
  • Volume & On Balance Volume
  • Momentum,
  • Price Relative
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Stochastic
  • MACD
  • Candle Volume ...

The quality of the notes will enable you to always refer back and in doing so refresh your memory and keep your initial investment plan. It is highly recommended that each chartist or technical analyst come to this workshop both beginner & experienced as it will enhance your knowledge to use your charting software for optimum profit.

All delegates will bring their own computer and will therefore be afforded the opportunity of hands-on exposure to various technical indicators presented on the workshop. With technical analysis you will have the knowledge to confirm buy and sell signals timing your trades to achieve the best returns.

How do you determine when to buy a share that has already moved a long way? We show you how to use a late entry buy signal!

Do you know how to tell if a share is trending or trading? By understanding how to differentiate between a trading or trending share you will be able to apply the right technical indicators to determine trades. You need to decide whether you are going to be an investor (long term) or trader (shorter term) on the market or a combination of the two.

Wouldn't you benefit from applying the right indicators to the right types of shares for the best returns?

Additional Technical Analysis tools

We also discuss and teach you how to use additional technical analysis tools that your broker uses everyday:
Candle patterns & Chart patterns

  • Morning Star & Evening Star formations
  • Hammers and Shooting Stars
  • Bullish Engulfing & Bearish Engulfing formations
  • Doji candles patterns
  • What they all mean in your stock market trading strategy


  • Head and shoulders chart pattern
  • Double tops and Triple tops
  • Double bottoms and triple bottoms
  • Flags, wedges and cup & saucer chart patterns
  • What they all mean and how they can significantly improve investment results.

I think you would agree that money management is vital to any investment. By managing your risk you can determine whether your return on investment is feasible, to high or just right for you! It would go without saying then that a Stock Market course should include a money management formula to help you lower your risk. We do just that!

  • Money management formula
  • Calculate Risk per trade
  • Project Profit targets and levels
  • Manage Risk
  • Stock Market Strategy

We teach you specialised technical analysis that Fund managers use:

  • Fibonacci retracements & extensions - your software does it for you but we help you understand it
  • Elliot Wave Theory - Surfers use this technique on the beach - So can you!
  • Divergence and Reverse Divergence
  • Chart pattern & Candle pattern recognition
  • Full Integrated Stock Market approach
  • Global Fundamental Analysis Check List
  • Commodities Check List
  • Custom Chart Layouts - for easy daily/weekly analysis

The better your understanding of charting both technical indicators and fundamental indicators the better your stock market investing will profit. With all of the above knowledge at your fingertips, would you agree that the stock market is yours to take advantage of?

Do it now!

Click here to find out when the next Technical Analysis Workshop is taking place.

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