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Futures & Derivatives

Offering the trader very short term to short term and medium term strategies for trading a geared position in the market. Put trading strategies in place to maximise returns. Discover different derivatives available on the market and have trading strategies for short term returns!

A 2-day practical workshop using TrendnTrade Real Time Live software and a real trading account with real money. A hands-on workshop using your PC / Laptop to gain trading experience to maximise 3-day trades, Swing trades & Medium Term moves in Single Stock Futures and ALS40 Intraday trading!!

Derivatives & Futures Workshop


Over the last couple of years the markets have introduced many new vehicles for short term traders to invest their money in. These instruments allow the man on the street to have access to vehicles previously only traded by institutions and large portfolio managers. This type of investment allows the private investor to determine his/her own gearing that is acceptable to the investor’s own personal risk profile, needless to say the rewards being much greater than normal equity investment’s.

The time span, in most instances, is also much shorter allowing the investor to let his/her money work at a much faster pace. It is a whole new world out there with highly geared instruments where you the private investor, with the necessary knowledge, can gain control over your short term portfolio.

Always taking pride in being the leaders in investor education and proud to present a workshop covering all the different derivative instruments available, some being brand new to the private investor and others that have been around for a while.

The course will cover the following instruments:

  • Agricultural Futures
  • Futures on Commodities
  • Individual Equity Futures
  • Spread Trading
  • CFD’s
  • Yield X
  • Warrants
  • Bond’s

The ins and outs of each of these instruments will be covered extensively, studying the following:

  • How the instrument was put together.
  • The functionality behind trading the instrument.
  • The risk factors involved.
  • How the instruments gearing is structured.
  • The rules and regulations regarding trading in these instruments.
  • Money management when trading shorter periods.

Because these instruments are traded on three different markets (JSE, Safex, Besa) some involving more than one market at a time and is highly geared thus increasing the risk factor, it is important to first obtain the necessary knowledge before attempting to trade these derivative instruments successfully.

A comprehensive set of notes is included with the course for your perusal before attending the seminar and also to use as a reference should you need to brush up on some of the information.

We have the pleasure of presenting a “ HANDS-ON” Live Trade Workshop on Short Term Strategies to assist you in maximising your short-term trades.

Maximize Returns in a Geared Position! Application of Proven Trading Strategies!
You can look forward to:

Greater profitability with less capital – capitalising on the gearing effect

  • A tried-and-tested trading plan that works
  • The use of live data to maximise your returns
  • Hands-on experience in the form of a live trading workshop run during the two day workshop
  • A thorough understanding of Pivot Points and how it will enhance your profit taking
  • Work on your own computer and save your strategy layout

This workshop focuses on Trading Strategies to assist your performance in the market. By applying these strategies your investments show a better return in a shorter period. Wouldn't you want to apply a 4-point trading strategy that has been tried & tested over many years to achieve high returns over the short term?

Investors who develop and sustain trading strategies generally make more money than those who don’t. Everyone needs a balanced portfolio comprising of long-term and short-term investments.

A small portion of any portfolio should be exposed to a geared position whereby returns can be maximized. Those who have a good understanding of the market and those who have developed reliable trading strategies based on sound information can achieve greater returns.

In order to facilitate this, we have taken the decision to disclose years of experience obtained from successful traders directly to you in a LIVE environment with a Real Account.

Traders will be exposed to the following on this two-day interactive workshop:

  • NEW – Spread Trading

Learn to trade spreads and CFD’s on a live trading platform. The live simulated trading platform will be set up on the seminar and you will trade live using this instrument.

  • Individual Equity Futures- will be covered in detail during the course. Investors who wish to maximize their returns should use IEF’s, which prove to be the most effective cost efficient mechanism to leverage either trading portfolios or hedge investment portfolios
  • Simulation whilst Attending the Course

As techniques are learnt so each trader will apply them in practice on a live simulation. This is done to facilitate the individual needs of each trader according to his/her own objectives.

  • 4 Week Mentorship …Focused on Individual Equity Futures!!!

The 4 Week Mentorship side of the course is achieved by issuing each delegate with an account matching his/her financial preference. The delegate then trades from this fictitious account through the simulation department.

All transactions are recorded and on request the delegate will receive broker’s notes, portfolio reports and/or transaction summary reports. The obvious benefits of simulated trading are that no money is at risk during the “learning curve ”.

  • Technical Indicators

Different Indicators are discussed with practical exercises so that maximum understanding is achieved. The difference between Trending, Trading, Leading and Lagging indicators is discussed. Indicators are also applied to live trading strategies for those who would like to maximize their returns in a geared, short-term strategy.

  • Trading Plan

Successful trading revolves around discipline and having a simple strategy that is accurate most of the time. Strategies are individual and based on the traders’ needs and expectations. A lot of time is dedicated to this.

  • Correct Trading Mistakes

This workshop is designed to run during the week so that traders experience real examples. Hindsight is often very easy with Technical Analysis and needs to be eliminated during this workshop.

  • Better Time Allocation

Many traders are of the opinion that short-term trading requires an 8-hour day glued to the trading screens.

This is not the case, depending on your objectives and expectations. Very often it is better to keep a position for a couple of days .

  • Practical Trading

Each client will use their OWN Charting Software to get a practical approach in developing strategies.

Real Time Live Charting Software will be used for LIVE trading!

You will come away with a professional trading plan that is Tried & Tested over 3 Years! It will ensure you are more focused, your trades will be systematic and you will make fewer mistakes which means greater profitability. Do you agree?

By diversifying your portfolio, you are managing your risk by cutting your losers and running with your winners. By hedging your equity portfolio you will minimise your losses ( long term equity) and you will not sell your winners too soon! How many times have you sold a share only to see it move another 30, 40 or 50% more?

The quality of the notes will enable you to always refer back and in doing so refresh your memory and keep your initial investment plan. It is highly recommended that each chartist or technical analyst come to this workshop for experienced traders as it will enhance you with knowledge to use your charting software for optimum profit. It will enable you to gear your trades and profit from moves in the underlying asset with greater returns!

We show you how to use the plan to trade Individual Equity Futures / Single Stock Futures for 3-day trades ! You will learn how to trade Futures over 3 weeks as well as medium term trading strategies. By implementing different strategies you can maximise your geared returns and improve short term growth. Take the profit earned in Futures using Short Term Strategies and reinvest it into your long term equity portfolio!

You need to decide whether you are going to be an average trader on the market or a disciplined well-oiled profit making successful trader!

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