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Financial IQ - Nobody taught me this

Investing on the Stock market.

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Stock markets all over the world have created more millionaires than any other investment avenue.

However, to most people the way stocks are bought and sold remains a mystery. For years this knowledge remained the exclusive domain of a few very rich individuals and the large investment companies. The small investor has been kept out off this lucrative market through a lack of knowledge and information. Fear is bred from lack of knowledge and understanding.

Is the Credit Crisis over? Probably not yet. However, the global stock markets have been running away with gains day after day since our published newsletter said the bottom was in March/April 2009! Since then we have been able to take advantage of over 30% returns on the various stock markets! Just in November we achieved a 7% return on the stock market and we recently achieved 11% in December 2009! What does your bank pay you in interest?

We took advantage in January of the platinum and gold rally followed by closing everything in February. End of February 2010 and we enter the market again with a minimum of 8% return across the portfolio. We held until middle of April. We closed everything again at the end of April in anticipation of the market reaching Wave 5 and peaking before turning downwards for a correction. We looked at Investment members hedging their long term positions or shorting the shares in the market in May 2010!

Come to our next Investment Talk about the Smart Flow of Money as the stock market gives us clues as to what to invest in next and we can tell you how to do it! Or, keep working hard and getting nowhere with your financial goals. Make the decision for a new decade to change your financial intelligence and change your life!

Ted Warren, a man of little education, derived the money to make his first investment on the stock market from working as a laborer at a construction site. He became a professional investor, and never worked for anyone but himself again. [He later published the book" How to make the market make money for you"]

It is now possible for anyone to become a successful investor on the JSE [Johannesburg Securities Exchange]. You need to know how the Stock Market works, and the information to make an informed assessment of which shares to invest in. Do you agree? It does not matter how much money you have to invest…what matters is to have a clear objective to achieve a certain amount of capital growth, or income, or both.

What about the Credit Crunch and Stock Market crash?
It's been well documented that once a major shock to the stock markets occurs there is a recovery generally no longer than 2 years later. But what is the best time to buy something? When the price is low & you still get good value for your money! What is more important is being able to take advantage of this time in the economic cycle of the globe. Banks and many large corporates that would have previously been out of most beginner investor's price range have become available for purchase at very good prices. Do you go and buy everything at these low prices? NOPE! It makes sense to first get the understanding you need to properly evaluate the global stock market and local stocks to make an informed decision.

We provide Stock Market talks to our Investor Club members on a monthly basis. Your first Stock Market Talk is free to assess our value to your investment knowledge. Be sure to RSVP for the Stock Market Investment Talk before you come through. In March 2009, we told our Club investors that the bear market was over and to start re-investing into the stock markets of the world.

We have seen a massive 40-45% return since March 2009 which translates into a lot of money. Why don't you get your hands on some of it? By coming to our monthly Stock Market talk you can start to make sense of how investors just like you can make money online through the stock market.

Some books like Buffettology can seriously get you started on the right track. A stock market workshop on how to evaluate the fundamentals of a company would do wonders for you. Pay attention to local radio stations that broadcast shows whose focus is on educating you the listener as they discuss investing and how well companies are doing! Invest the time to learn and you will earn!

Many private individuals have experienced amazing results, investing directly on the stock market, and working from their homes. Perhaps the greatest long term investor of our time is Warren Buffet of the USA. In 1956 he had $100 in cash. With spare cash he collected from family and friends he accumulated $105,000, and started buying stocks for his clients. His personal fortune today is estimated in excess of $40 billion, with large holdings in Coca-cola, Walt Disney, Gillette and McDonalds.

If you are interested in becoming an investor on the Stock market, you are invited to attend a presentation on the subject by Craig Pilgrim. Craig is a self made millionaire through the stock market and an expert on Fundamental Analysis and lectures nationally on the subject.

We also educate investors about short term trading on futures, ALSI and Forex instruments. However, it is recommended that our clients have good experience investing in stocks before getting involved in the geared instruments. By having the knowledge to buy shares at the right time in the right company you will make money. Do you agree?

We give investors the opportunity to get involved in the stock market with low capital to gain high returns with low risk. By implementing stop losses you lose a little on a losing trade. By having the discipline to let your winning stocks ride, you make a lot of money. Wouldn’t you like to know how to do this? RSVP to Stock Market talks...

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Venue: Wanderer's Club






29th June 2010

Investment Club Talk


18h00 - 20h00

26th June 2010

Forex Kick Starter Course

Forex Pro

1 Day

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