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The Next "Stock Market Trading for Success" package August 2010
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for 2010

Stock Market Trading

Trading Stocks

Investing on the stock market is a way of offering the private investor a way to beat inflation, build wealth and achieve financial independence. The first place to start is getting knowledge on How to Buy and Sell Shares...

Equity Investment or Stock Market Trading - Buy and Sell Shares for Profits!

We are committed to educating people with regards to investing and trading in the stock market. We show the private investor how to successfully invest in the share market and maximise their returns. Wouldn't you benefit from more knowledge before you get started? Would you agree it is best to have the best available knowledge and practical experience before putting your hard-earned money on the line?

Learn how to make money from buying and selling shares on the J.S.E.
The workshops are ideal for:

  • Complete beginners who have never bought shares before
  • Experienced investors who want improved performance (also see Technical Analysis, Futures, Alsi & Forex workshops)

What to Expect
Face-to-Face stock market workshop presenting from how to select stocks, time your trades for the best profit, fundamental analysis and taking you through to money management. You will know when would be a good time to buy the share. Would you benefit from knowing which stock market sector is outperforming all of the others? We show you a neat filtering system that you can use in just an hour.

Trade with no risk! Practice the techniques you learn to harness your trading skills.
You get to choose for a demo account on any number of stock market trading platforms in order to practice. Book NOW

      Workshop details:

    • Mechanics of the stock market
    • Process of buying and selling shares
    • Making sense of financial markets
    • How to select quality stocks
    • Simple technical analysis to get you started
    • Setting up basic rules of trading
    • How to set up a trading strategy
    • Money management
    • Business cycles
    • Basic Tax & Capital Gains
    • Brokerage costs
    • Bid and offer process
    • How to compare a stock to its peers
    • Determine if a share is outperforming the market
    • Shares you know with growth of 40% p.a.
    • How to establish a Watch List

This stock market workshop gives you the opportunity to see how to buy shares in quality companies with a winning strategy. For more advanced and medium & short term results see the Equity Trading Strategies, Futures, Alsi & Forex workshops.

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Improve Your Financial IQ CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun.

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