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Youth Soccer

300 Soccer Coach Drills

Offering the coach fantastic soccer drills, plans and skills practices. 2010 World Cup Soccer is coming to South Africa and soccer coaches must be prepared to drill our soccer teams and get them read for final selection of the best of the best for our 2010 team!

ABOUT 300 Drills for Soccer COACHING

300 Soccer Drills for all skills and age levels:
# designed by experts, extensively researched, state of the art
# all drills tested & proven with real teams - in season
# based on international coaching licensing programmes
# the ultimate collection for any coaching library

Download - Print - Go Practice Today
# no analysing videos, no taking notes, ready to use
# a single resource for all your soccer coaching needs

a book for every soccer coach's practice bag!

The idea for Print & Go Practices came from the recognition that something was missing for soccer coaches amongst all the training materials and resources available.

Most soccer coaching resources have lots of soccer practice drills but do not to put them into an effective and entertaining practice plan. We've done that for you and ensured that our soccer practices work by testing them with real teams.

What about the next soccer practice? What about a season plan? What about the team need and focus? Fitness training: yes or no? During soccer practice or separate sessions? Scrimmages? Speed and mental training? Where are the soccer specific drills for that? How about flexibility and stretching exercises? Any difference between age groups?

You will find these questions answered comprehensively only in our soccer practice plans.

We have a tool to develop hundreds of additional soccer practice plans. You decide on a focus for the season and a theme for the practice and combine the drills to make it happen. If you want to run a practice involving more passing, use exercises with passing themes. Or sequence warm-up-technical-technical-tactical-scrimmage.

The printed material is supplemented by pictures of soccer specific stretches and soccer moves and by the soccer tips published

CashFlow 101
CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun. CASHFLOW 101 BOARD GAME

The board game that makes Financial learning FUN.

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Bookkeeping & Personal Tax Returns Can you be sure you are benefiting from tax efficient returns?

Absolute Solutions is a member of the Randburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry specialising in bookkeeping with the aim of providing acurate and valid accounting records for SME's.

Absolute Solutions provides services such as collecting all paperwork, capturing & preparing financial packs, payroll administration, income tax returns and many more.

Provider of QuickBooks Accounting, Payroll and Personal Financial Software.

Achieving Financial Independence Get financial intelligence by downloading our booklet on Achieving Financial Independence now!

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Free Investment Newsletter Can you spare 5 minutes a week to familiarise yourself with economic markets and a share tip for the week?

\Share Focus is a newsletter made available for free. It includes weekly insights on the world economy and the local market.

It includes a Share tip of the week with a chart and commentary. How to Trade...

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Improve Your Financial IQ CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun.

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