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Stock Market Trading

Learn 2 Invest

Did you miss out on the stock market rally over the last 12 months? We can help you catch the next stock market bull run! What is 40-50% profit worth to you?

Investing on the stock market is a way of offering the private investor a way to beat inflation, build wealth and achieve financial independence. The first place to start is getting knowledge on How to Buy and Sell Shares...

Is it possible to make money on the stock market? YES!

The question to you is, are you willing to learn to earn? You see, would you want to jump in a pool without knowing how to swim? I doubt it... Why do people try to avoid learning about how to invest on the stock market? Inevitably, they burn their fingers and never go back. We have decided to intervene! To do so, we have put together the following workshops! Pay the school fees up front and reap the benefits of successful, profitable trades going forward.

The NEXT Complete Stock Market Workshop Package for 2010


NEXT Cycle starts AUG 2010!

Don't miss out! Call 082 359 8787 to book!

By getting the investmnet knowledge you need now, YOU can FINISH 2010 by investing in your first shares Successfully.

INTEGRATED STOCK MARKET Package - Buy and Sell Shares for Long Term Growth

We are committed to educating people with regards to investing and trading in the stock market. We show the private investor how to successfully invest in the share market and maximise their returns. Wouldn't you benefit from more knowledge before you get started? Would you agree it is best to have the best available knowledge and practical experience before putting your hard-earned money on the line?

Learn how to make money from buying and selling shares on the J.S.E.
The workshops are ideal for:

  • Complete beginners who have never bought shares before
  • Experienced investors who want improved performance (also see Technical Analysis, Futures, Alsi & Forex workshops)
  • What to Expect:
    Easy-To-Read Notes on CD
    Four Full Day Workshops

    Would you like to find out the STOCK Trading Workshop details?

    This workshop gives you the opportunity to see how to buy shares in quality companies with a long term strategy. For more advanced and medium & short term results see the Equity Trading Strategies, Futures, Alsi & Forex workshops.

    To find out more, complete the Stock Trading Package Registration form

    Derivatives & Futures Workshop (1 day plus 2 days)

    Maximize Returns in a Geared Position! Application of Proven Trading Strategies!
    You can look forward to:

    Greater profitability with less capital – capitalising on the gearing effect

    • A tried-and-tested trading plan that works
    • The use of live data to maximise your returns
    • MAKE Potential of R1000 a day or more!
    • Hands-on experience in the form of a live trading workshop run during the two day workshop
    • Work on your own computer and save your strategy layout

    This workshop focuses on Trading Strategies to assist your performance in the market. By applying these strategies your investments show a better return in a shorter period. Wouldn't you want to apply a 4-point trading strategy that has been tried & tested over many years to achieve high returns over the short term?

    ALSI Trading Workshop - 1 Day

    Have you been caught on the wrong side of the current volatile market?
    Would you like to earn additional income with 2-3 hours work a week to add potential of R1000 extra?
    Start a new business with little capital & little overheads with Great income?
    If your answer is yes, we are proud to present...

    The Alsi Trading Seminar by Trading Mentors offers traders the opportunity to add additional income to their monthly earnings or to run their trading as a part time business.

    This course will focus on:

    • Risk and Reward
    • Thinking of new probabilities on the Alsi.
    • Money management
    • Tested strategies to follow to build an income

    The trading plan will help you use different combinations of intraday technical indicators. This trading plan details the best trading times, easy moves and biggest moves, trade entry and exit, including the rules to master the skills of when to take the profits.

    Forex / Currency Workshop - 2 Days

    We show you how to use the plan to trade FOREX ! You will learn how to trade FOREX. By implementing different strategies you can maximise your geared returns and improve short term growth. Take the profit earned in the Forex Trading Strategies and reinvest it into your long term equity portfolio! Learn How to Trade Forex here.

    CashFlow 101 Board Game Increase your financial IQ! Learn to invest, read financial statements, and have fun with CASHFLOW 101 Board game.
    Cashflow 101 Board game

    The board game that makes Financial learning FUN.

    Beat the Rat Race by Learning How to Get Out of It.

    Order CASHFLOW® 101 Now!

    CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun.

    Bookkeeping & Personal Tax Returns Can you be sure you are benefiting from tax efficient returns?

    Absolute Solutions is a member of the Randburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry specialising in bookkeeping with the aim of providing acurate and valid accounting records for SME's.

    Absolute Solutions provides services such as collecting all paperwork, capturing & preparing financial packs, payroll administration, income tax returns and many more.

    Provider of QuickBooks Accounting, Payroll and Personal Financial Software.

    Achieving Financial Independence Get financial intelligence by downloading our booklet on Achieving Financial Independence now!

    Learn Why Shares Beat the Salary Treadmill and Setting Financial Goals are vital to achieving financial independence!

    Improve Your Financial IQ CASHFLOW® 101 is an educational program that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time and makes learning fun.

    Invest in Your Investment Education so you don't have to pay school fees! Download PDF (7MB).

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